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Be a part of the creation of a critical resource!

"A World of Diversity, Sexual Reproduction in Nature" --Help us fund this important book!

Our next book is already in progress, and there is nothing else like it on the market!

Text by Jill Herbertson and illustrations by Oliver Borack, A World of Diversity explores the amazing ways that different species reproduce, placing sexuality in a biological context and showing it as part of the beauty of the natural world.

We know how important it is for kids entering adolescence to be able to talk about sexuality. Young people need to recognize that puberty changes are normal, and we want them to have the information and support they need to thrive.

This book was inspired by a young person that wrote:

“I was extremely shocked to learn about reproduction in health class. This was a topic where the reality was extremely different from what I thought. My reaction to this new information was that I freaked out for a long time. I could not stop thinking about reproduction for a while. This stressed me out for a little bit of time. I was pretty unhappy. However, after a while I got the fact that humans are animals like any others into my head. Then I calmed down, and things were back to normal.”

We realized that we could provide this perspective for many kids. (And I dare say some adults, too!)

Learning that sex on Earth has been around for 2 billion years and that humans are relative newcomers to the whole sex thing can be really reassuring!

Thinking about the big picture, literally including birds and bees, provides a lot of context for understanding the naturalness and diversity that is human sexuality.

And why do we need to raise $7,000?

1. Because Oliver will need to create dozens and dozens of specific illustrations to bring this text to life. And you can see, Oliver is amazing at animal illustrations which perfectly highlight the details the text describes. It's gonna take a chunk of time. Artists deserve to be paid.

2. Because the text will need to be edited and reviewed by experts:

  • We want to make sure we get the biological facts correct and well described.
  • We want to be sensitive to the developmental needs of our target audience of pre-teens.
  • We want to be respectful and inclusive of the range of feelings people have with sexual and gendered language.

3. Because this much needed resource doesn't yet exist!